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Why Melted Wax?

People have asked us "What does the name Melted Wax have to do with DJs?"

The Answer
Though modern day records are in fact made out of vinyl, some vinyl collectors still refer to them as "wax". This comes from the earliest form of commercial medium for recording and reproducing sound. Phonographic cylinders made of hard wax with grooves engraved in them were simply referred to as "records". These were played in a mechanical phonograph. This changed when disc shaped gramaphone records eventually took their place. Though no commercially sold albums are made of wax, it is still used in the process of making the master from which all vinyl albums are made.

Musicians to this day still use terms such as "putting it on wax" or "waxing" in their songs/lyrics to describe laying the track down.

If digital music is where we currently are in the timeline of recorded music…Wax was at the very beginning of it all.

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